Saturday, May 23, 2009


Burgos – Spain has so many wonderful cathedrals and churches. One of my favorites is the Cathedral in Burgos. The first time I went to Burgos (2004) they were finishing cleaning the exterior of the cathedral. I had seen pictures of the cathedral before the cleaning and it had 700 years of dirty and pollution from top to bottom. After the restoration the Cathedral looks at beautiful as it did the day they finished it. There are two other things that interest me about the Cathedral. First, El Cid is buried here. Ever since I read the epic poem about El Cid I have been interested in his history (both the legends and the reality). His tomb is in the floor under the main cupola. (see photo below) Basically, He and his wife, who is buried next to him, have a wonderful view to look at forever and ever. The second thing that interests me is the Cathedral’s collection of art, artifacts and books. They actually have one of the best collections of Don Quixote de La Mancha in all of Spain (it was donated by a wealthy family when the family’s patriarch died). It would be fun to see what treasures they have stored away in the hidden recesses of the cathedral.

Cathedral of Burgos

Cathedral of Burgos - Cupola above El Cid's tomb

Cathedral of Burgos

Lower Claustro - Cathedral of Burgos

Painting by one of Da Vinci's students

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