Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Marbella (Beautiful Sea in Spanish) was a small quite town on the coast a couple decades ago. Now it has grown bigger and richer, but in many places it still has the same charm as it did years ago. The rich and famous like to park their million dollar yachts here. Those of us of more humble means like to park our rental cars here. :)

We had a great time walking along the beach in the afternoon and then again around sunset. There is something very appealing about the Mediterranean; the air, the life, the water, etc. We didn’t spend all our time on the beach though. Marbella has a very nice, compact, old part of town with narrow streets, beautiful flowers, fancy shops and old churches (not to mention the remains of a castle). In one of the many little plazas, we found a shop that had chocolate con churros. For those of you who have never had chocolate con churros it is hard to describe how nice it is to sit in a flower scented plaza, with lovely Spanish noise all around, after having walked the beaches, as the evening light starts filling the sky, and to sit down with your follow travel companions and enjoy a massive platter of churros dipped in thick creamy Spanish chocolate and know that live is good in Marbella. If you ever want to do experience this just let me know… I’ll be happy to tag along. :)

Sand Castle in Marbella, Spain

Beach in Marbella

La Villa Marbella - There are so many beautiful white houses with colorful flowers...

Marbella, Spain

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