Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Near Madrid - Manzanares y El Escorial

While in Madrid, we spent some time with various friends. One afternoon, a friend of the family and her husband took us to the Escorial and Manzanares (to the right). I've been to the Escorial a couple times, but it was nice to be there with some locals. I absolutely love the library there. Unfortunately, they won’t let you take pictures anymore. I’m adding one I took a couple years ago so that you can have an idea of how beautiful the library really is.

After the visit to the Escorial we went to Manzanares. The Castle was closed, but still very impressive from the outside. We went to a café and enjoyed various kinds of ham and pork and then headed back to Madrid. We ate at El Buey near el Buen Retiro and really enjoyed it. They bring you an extremely hot plate and you cooked your own meat on the plate. Yummy!

Manzanares Castle

El Escorial

Library in El Escorial (taken by me in 2007)

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