Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Madrid was the first city I ever visited in Spain (or Europe for that matter). I have visited here many many many times since that first visit. It is nice to come back to Madrid where things are familiar and where I know a few people. I always stay at the same place and it feels nice to have the same people welcome you back to Spain and get you settled into your room.

The first place I ever visited in Madrid was the Royal Palace. I still remember that morning well with it bright morning light, fresh clean feeling and wonders of a new place. On this trip to Spain, I'll be traveling with my parents. This is their first trip to Spain and I hope that they enjoy Spain as much as I do. The first place I took them after checking in the hotel was the Royal Palace. The first few pictures are of the Palace and of the Almudena Cathedral (right).

Royal Palace in Madrid

Plaza de las armas - Royal Palace

Almudena Cathedral - Madrid

One of my favorite book shops in Madrid
I've spent a lot of time and money here :)

San Jeronimo near El Prado

Parque del Buen Retiro
We went for a night even stroll here before having dinner at El Buey with friends from Madrid

Iglesia de San Manuel y San Benito - Madrid

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