Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cordoba - Festival de los Patios 2009

Due to the timing of our trip to southern Spain, we were able to be in Cordoba for their Spring celebration and the Festival de los Patios. During the festival 100’s of families open their patios for 1000’s of people to see. Each patio is different and the families take great pride in having the best patio in the neighborhood. If you are near Cordoba in May, it is worth braving the crowd to get a peek at the beautiful hearts of these charming old houses; truly a sanctuary and oasis for the people who live in Cordoba. (Even if you aren’t here in May many houses keep their front gate open so you can get a glimpse of their patios.)

Patio - Cordoba

Patio - Cordoba

Cordoban Ceramics

Pink Flowers in Cordoba

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