Friday, April 17, 2009

Lexington KY

Historic Lexington – There are two houses in Lexington that I’m very interested in. The first is the Mary Todd Lincoln House. This is the house where Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary, lived before they were married. It is an interesting place to visit as it has many items owned and used by both the Todds and the Lincolns. The house is a great example of the hard work, dedication, and love that goes into restoring and maintaining historic houses across the country. One of the best parts of any visit to a historic home is all the fun things that tour guides tell you about the house and the people connected to it. One story they shared that I enjoyed was about when Lincoln first met Mary, his future wife. They were at a dance and Lincoln approached Mary and said, “Ms. Todd I would like to dance with you in the worst way” and then he evidently did dance with her in the “worst way”. Good thing he was a better president than he was dancer.

The other house that I find interesting is Henry Clay’s Ashland Estate. I’m posting a few pictures from Ashland and hope you enjoy them.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House - This combination of windows, angles, and shadows intrigues me

Henry Clay's Ashland Estate

Ashland Park, Lexington KY

Church in Lexington

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Andy said...

Cool pics man. I hope you had the chance to go inside that church and explore a little? What a cool place to have visited!