Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frankfort KY

Frankfort Kentucky – I flew in and out of Louisville (which the locals pronounce as Lullvull) and drove to Lexington. The capitol of Kentucky, Frankfort, is between Louisville and Lexington. I decided to stop in for a visit and to take some pictures. I love architecture and Frankfort has its fair share. It has a nice gritty historic downtown, a gorgeous governor’s mansion, several grand old neighborhoods, a giant capitol building, a great frank Lloyd Wright house and a generous amount of flowers and trees to add that splash of springtime. Here are a few pictures. I hope you enjoy. (To the right: Good Shepard Church and the Old Paul Sawyier Library)

Downtown shops in Frankfort Kentucky. It makes me smile to see small the barber shop squeezed in there.

Blossoms - I love the different layers of blossom that I found on the Capitol grounds

This photo is nice because of the roof of branches on top, the wall of and window of blossoms and the green carpet that rolls out into the distance

Capitol Building in Frankfort Kentucky

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Andy said...

Very nice photography Tim! Beautiful country!