Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dallas Texas - longhorn cattle

Dallas, Texas - I had heard about this statue (or rather this group of 40+ statues) of a longhorn cattle drive and I had to check it out for myself. It is in Pioneer Park, near the old cemetery and starts at the top of the hill and goes down a path over a river and to the edge of the park. It really is hard to describe how cool and fun this work of art is. You can walk around it, touch it and feel it. There are three mounted cowboy statues that keep the stare cattle from leaving the group. Each longhorn is unique and some even seem to be smiling (just like the people who are enjoying this impressive site). My photographs don’t do Robert Summers’ artist work justice, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them and if you are ever in Dallas you should stop by for a little cattle rustling.
Cowboy on a hill over looking the longhorn cattle drive and downtown Dallas

Detail of one of the cowboy statues in Pioneer Park

Cowboy racing after the stray cattle

Cowboy on horse

The longhorn cattle drive (sculptures by Robert Summers)

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