Thursday, July 1, 2010

Santiago - Symbols and Pilgrim Items

Saint James has several symbols. The two that I like the most are the pilgrim’s staff and the scallop shell. Virtually every pilgrim has a shell or something representing the shell and many have staffs or walking sticks. Other important items that mark a serious pilgrim are a backpack and hat. By the second day, I like most pilgrims, went through my pack and removed all items that were not absolutely necessary (Why did I bring so many books, jeans, toiletries, etc?). The final important item is of course a good pair of boots or shoes. I have seen pilgrims wearing everything from massive hiking boots, to running shoes, to sandals, to flip flops. Needless to say, your feet go through a lot as a pilgrim. I have had four blisters. I have been lucky. I’ve seen some impressive blisters. Taking care of your body is number one on to do list of any pilgrim.

Scallop Shell for Pilgrims

My pack, hat and stick

For all your pilgrim needs


Stephanie said...

Tim, what an amazing opportunity! I'm so glad for you to have reached your goal (and jealous, too!). Happy Birthday!

Christy said...

thanks for taking a pic of your pack in the poppies. I love Spainish countrysides filled with bright red poppies!