Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Castilian Plains to Galician Terrains

Grain fields in Navarra

Poppies in the fields near Burgos

After the long flat walks across the hot, dry, sunny Castilian plains, the Camino starts climbing into the mountains as you prepare to enter Galicia. You know when you get to Galicia because everything turns green and wet. : ) The morning walks are misty, damp and very refreshing. The forests, valleys and hills are enchanting; truly a place for fairytales and Celtic stories.

The mountain pass leading to Galicia

Galicia fields

Galicia's Enchanting Woods


La Muñequita said...

It is quite intriguing to experience the world through your eyes...

Christy said...

I've been reading abit about Van Gogh lately. That and these photos make me want to paint!

when do we get to see more?

Papá said...

Hola Tim,

It seems you and I were on the Camino at the same time. I started on July 24th, I, my wife, and 30 of the 40 students that I took to Spain to study in Logroño. But, unlike lucky you, we only did four days, from Oreaga (Roncesvalles) to Estella. I already have plans to do the entire pilgrimage in three years. Want to come along?

¡Buen Camino!