Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oviedo at night

One of my favorite things about Oviedo is how charming it is at night. It is easy to see why the locals stay out so late. I love to walk around the old part of town in the cool quite night (with my camera in hand of course). Here are a few pictures of Oviedo at night.

This is the BBVA that you can see from my bedroom window. It is a sweet old building and I love the lighting at night.

This is one of my favorite buildings in Oviedo. I call it the Burberry tower because there is a Burberry store in the bottom, but a lot of people call it the Giraffe because it is the tallest building in town.

This building is home to an insurance company and with a building like this they have to be very SURE of themselves.

As I've meantioned before, Oviedo is full of statues. This is one of my favorites of a young girl walking while reading something.

Yet more statues. These horses having been standing in front of the Cajastur building for a very very long time.

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