Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don Juan Tenorio and other random things from Oviedo

This is one of my favorite little corners of Oviedo - Trascorrales

For a mid week activity we went to the Cathedral for a guided tour. The building fascinates me. In this picture we see the cloister.

Oviedo has so many statues and works of art in the streets, plazas and parks. This is a detail of a statue near my apartment. The leaf was just there and caught my eye. :)

This is the chandelier in the very beautiful theatre Campoamor. A good friend from graduate school and I went to watch Don Juan Tenorio (by Jose Zorrilla) at the Campoamor. We read, analyzed and critiqued the work back in the day, but this time around we just sat back and enjoyed the show - which was made all the more enjoyable since the theater was built in the mid 1800's the same time Zorrilla's work was popular.

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