Thursday, June 19, 2008

Covadonga, Cangas de Onis and the River Sella

For one of the weekend trips we went to Covadonga, Cangas de Onis and then went canoing down the Sella River. Covadonga is the birthplace of the Reconquista. It is the site where the Spanish won the decisive battle against the invading Moors in 718AD. It is said that even the Virgin Mary joined in the battle and helped save the day. The first two pictures are of the Basilica at Covadonga. The picture with the three crosses is inside the cave of Covadonga that leads to the small chapel dedicated to the Virgen de Covadonga. The final picture is the Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis. The bridge is actually from the gothic period, but it replaced the old roman bridge and that's how is got its name.

After the visits to the historical sites we went down the Sella River in canoes. It was great fun and a beautiful day to be on the river. The water was clear. The sun was out. The world was good.
The Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis

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