Thursday, May 15, 2008


Amazing Granada! The Alhambra is one of my favorite places in all of Spain. It enchants, intrigues, impresses, excites, and inspires . . . oh and it photographs well! :) I love walking around the rooms and thinking about all the people who have call this place home. The list is actually quite long and varied: Charles V, Ferdinand and Isabel, Washington Irving, Gypsies and Moorish Princes. Reading Irving's 19th century description of his stay in the Alhambra makes me wonder what it would be like to actually stay over night in such a place. I think it would be a thrilling experience and maybe a little terrifying (at first). There is a Alhambra by moonlight tour that I'd like to try sometime... but maybe I'll just have to get a job as a night security guard at the Alhambra so I can stay over night. :) Either way, it ranks in Tim´s Top Ten places!
Alhambra - Granada Spain

Alhambra - Granada Spain

Alhambra - Granada Spain

The cathedral in Granada is simply amazing! The main cathedral is an early Spanish Renaissance structure and it is on a BIG scale. Attached to the cathedral is a chapel that is one of the last truly Gothic structures ever built. It houses the tombs of the Reyes Catolicos (Catholic Monarchs - Ferdinand and Isabel). The picture on the right is a close up of one of the hymn books en the cathedral (awesome!). The golden picture below is of Santiago (St. James) who is the patron saint of Spain and a figure that interests me. The final picture gives you an idea of how impressive the cathedral is, but as is the case with most sites you have to be there to fully appreciate the grandeur and power of the place.

Santiago (St. James)

Royal Cathedral - Granada

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