Saturday, May 24, 2008

Burgos y Gormaz

The first time I went to Burgos was 2004. They were just finishingmajor cleaning and restoration and the exterior was the best it had looked in several centuries. The cathedral is still just as brilliant as it was four years ago. The Cid, one of my favorite Spanish historical figures, is buried in the cathedral. His tomb is in the floor under the main cupola. The view from his tomb is amazing! The Cid played an important role in the Reconquista against the Moors invasion. He freed Valencia and pretty much become a "king" in all but title. The Castle of Gormaz (not far from Burgos) was his at one point and is one of my favorite in the whole world. Burgos has another point of interest for me. The Camino de Santiago passes through Burgos and has been a major stop for centuries. I think Burgos is a must see for anyone traveling in Northern Spain.

This is the cupola in the center of the cathedral. Directly below this amazing ceiling is El Cid's tomb. I won't mind having a view like this for the rest of eternity.

Burgos - Ceiling, Chandelier and Glass in the Cathedral

A Bishop carved in stone sleeps in one of the many chapel in the Cathedral in Burgos

Bible from the 10th century!!! - Don't worry it's behind glass to protect it from people drooling over it :)

Cathedral's Choir Seats

Castillo de Gormaz - My favorite Spanish castle. Looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it? :)

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