Saturday, July 25, 2009

Legislative Palace in Montevideo, Uruguay

A good friend from Montevideo came with me for a tour of the national government building El Palacio Legislativo. It truly is an amazing building. The stone and wood working inside and outside are wonderfully artistic. The details are astounding and everywhere. And, the library, oh the library, it is simply an enchanting room. I would love to spend an afternoon reading in it; in one of the big leather arm chairs surrounded by books, statues, history and the most enticing smell... the smell of knowledge and wisdom written on paper and bound in leather.

The Legislative Palace in Montevideo, Uruguay
Library in the Palace - notice the inlaid wood

Detail above a door in the Legislative Palace - solid stone

Detail of a gate at the Legislative Palace


Kathy said...

Just happened across your blog. Nice commentary and wonderful photos. What camera do you use?

Christy said...

that library is so you Tim