Saturday, October 18, 2008

Atlanta, Georgia - World Languages Presentation

I went to Atlanta, Georgia, for a presentation I gave and was there for the last few days of Fall Break. The presentation went well and there were some important people from several important southern universities there. I've flown through Atlanta a lot, but this was the first time for me to actually stay in town for a few days. I was busy during the day, but was able to go out a bit at night. An old buddy of mine from USU works in GA now and so we hangout a little and luckily he was fine with me taking a lot of pictures. :) A few of my favor things were the Magaret Mitchell House (She wrote Gone with the Wind), the High Museum, the Midtown skyline, the Thai food, and have a little time to unwind. Here are some pictures of the highlights from the beautiful Atlanta.

The High Museum of Art - Atlanta Georgia

These three pictures are of an awesome statue outside the High Museum. The larger figure is made up of smaller figures that look like the little wooden figures artists use. It looks incredible at night with the lighting. Hope you enjoy!

Statue outside the High Museum

Statues ouside the High Museum

Midtown Atlanta, GA

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