Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Family Cabin in the Unitahs

We went to my family cabin today to close it up for the winter. We have to do this every year so the pipes do freeze, windows don't get buried and broken in the snow and to do some light cleaning. I had not been to the cabin this year... So, I was very happy to be up there for a bit. It is a very pleasant place to be; full of beauty and childhood memories. Most of the colorful leaves were gone, but the willows have changed to beautiful reds, ambers, yellows, rusts and purples. I'm afraid the lighting wasn't the greatest, but I did manage to get a few good shots. I hope you enjoy them. (The picture to the right is from the river bottoms looking east at Gravel Mountain.)

The Weber River

The Willows

Tree below the cabin

The Weber River

Gravel Mountain - I love the sky in this picture.

The Weber River

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Christy said...

tim, the last one is my favorite. the big rocks on one side of the river & little on the other, how intriguing. Sometimes I miss the subtle hazy shades of a northern riparian winter. It may sound unbelievable but 12 months after 12 months of green can get a bit tiresome.