Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zamora and more Madrid

Zamora – After saying good-bye to Oviedo, I headed south to the city of Zamora which is in Castilla-Leon. Zamora turns out to be a very interesting city, full of historical buildings, modern areas and friendly people. It has retained much of its small town feel. From the pleasant pedestrian center to the castle and churches Zamora is a pleasant, if hot, place to spend a few days. One of the afternoons while I was here I went with some Spanish friends to a country house with a swimming pool. It was a nice way to cool off during the afternoon. Once things cooled off I was excited to explore more of the city and get some night shots of the city. The first two pictures are at the base of the old fortified part of the city. The next three pictures are taken by the river. The last and first (to the right) pictures are of a church I found interesting. Overall Zamora is a pleasant place and very friendly.

Zamora has both natural and man made fortifications to help keep it safe...

...more natural and man made fortifications

View from the old stone bridge looking back towards Zamora

This is the old stone bridge in Zamora

The milling houses on the river. Remember the terrifying experience the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza had one night next to the mills on the river?

I think it is interesting how the butresses on this church span the street and go into the walls of the houses on the other side.


I'm back in Madrid. I really enjoy being here. I feel like I'm at home when I'm in Madrid. The people at my hostel are great people and always have a minute to talk about this that and the other. Here are three pictures I took tonight. They range from the royal place to in and around Puerta del Sol.

The Royal Palace at night

Between Puerta del Sol and Gran Via

Just south of Puerta del Sol

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