Sunday, July 6, 2008

Extremadura and Caceres

Extremadura – I have visited a lot of places in Spain, but until this week I had never visited Extremadura. I have heard a lot about Extremadura and I’m pleased to say that everything I heard was true. It is the land of the conquistadors. It is a hot bed (quite literally in the summer) of historical intrigue and noble rivalry. It is slow to change and in parts has yet to join the 21st century. It is tangible and visible history piled layer on layer; from ancient to not so ancient. It is Extremadura. It is Spain.

Caceres - I was told that I should visit the old part of town while in Caceres. So, I book a hotel right on the Plaza Mayor and had a great view and easy access to all the architectonic gems found in Caceres. Walking in the old part of town is like traveling in time. There are no advertisements, next to no cars, no modern buildings (everything in good sensible long-lasting stone) and it is a charming place to explore with surprises around every corner. I highly recommend a day or two especially for the person with a like imagination and a desire to live in a by gone age. :) The picture to the right is of one of the many fortified houses found in Caceres.

Imposing gothic doors to Santiago

One of the fortified houses in Caceres. This is a city where people literally still live in Castles!

View from my hotel of the "newer" part of Charming Caceres. This part of town is outside the old medieval walls and yet it still has its charm and appeal. (This is a view from the back balcony of the hotel. My room looked over the Plaza Mayor, fyi)

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