Thursday, August 2, 2007

Northern Italy

Northern Italy - Gelato!

After visiting Rome we headed North to explore Florence, Pisa, Milan and Venice. It would be hard to describe all the wonders of Northern Italy especially all the art and architecture yet there was one thing that stands out in my mind. The food in Italy was delicious! I don't think I ate a single thing that I didn't like and there was nothing like topping off a great Italian meal with a a nice cool gelato. In fact we often had double gelato days (sometimes triple) which was easy to do with so my favors, like: strawberry, watermelon, white chocolate, pistachio, hazel nut, chocolate jalapeno, yogurt, grapefruit, apple, cheese, banana, cream, cinnamon, mango, tiramisu, vanilla bean, peanut butter, pineapple and my personal favorite cool and refreshing cantaloupe! I hope you enjoy the following pictures while thinking about the many awesome flavors and combinations that gelato has to offer.


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