Sunday, February 22, 2009

Philadelphia a Historic City

Philadelphia is a great place for anyone interested in US history. This was my second visit to Philadelphia and once again I was drawn to the historical buildings, especially Independence Hall. Where else can you stand where our country was, quite literally, created? Thinking about the Declaration of Independency and the Constitution reminds me of two “literary” works; Miracle at Philadelphia and the Broadway musical 1776. I read Miracle at Philadelphia when I was taking a US history class. It was a good read and I enjoyed it. The musical 1776 is one of my favorites. I’ve always been interested in the people who helped form our country and the musical is an enjoyable way to look at these people with a lively and human twist. I only spent an hour or so at the hall and would love to spend more time enjoying the history, finding the perfect picture, thinking about the past, and contemplating the future. (Right - Independence Hall)

Assembly Room - Independence Hall

Assembly Room - Independence Hall

Detail in Independence Hall

Stair to attic in Independence Hall

Detail in Independence Hall

City Hall - Philadelphia

Library Hall - The first public library (1789). The building in my photograph was built in the 20th century based on the 18th century building. Unfortunately it was closed when I was there... You know I like a good library. :)


J. Doug said...

love it! (jealous!)
hey call me Vero is coming to town!

Lee Cannon said...

I read your blog all the time you see. So I always wait for your new pictures!