Thursday, February 19, 2009

Philadelphia - City of Brotherly Love

I'm in Philadelphia for a few days. I'm speaking at two workshops here in town. It is nice to be back; last time we stopped in Philadelphia it was too short of a visit. :) My hotel is at Penn's Landing and my room has great views of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the city (you can even see Independence Hall from my windows). After getting settled in I went for a little walk past some of the historic buildings. It was very cold though so I didn't stay out very long. My main destination was Independence Hall (picture to the right). I think this is a very cool building; it was here that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated, created, drafted and signed. Right across the street is the building that houses the Liberty Bell; it is arranged in such a way that you can see the bell from outside as well as inside (see last picture).
Philadelphia from my hotel window

Ben Franklin Bridge from my hotel window

Liberty Bell


Lee Cannon said...

Timmy, delightful post!

Miss Wendy said...

I love your blog! I had a question about your post from a while ago about Grafton Ghost Town. My friend and I are planning a road trip down to Southern Utah and we wanted to visit the ghost town....I'm just worried about getting stuck in the mud or something and having my trip turn into a horror movie.

Is the ghost town hard to get to or hard to find?