Saturday, May 26, 2007


I’m currently in Marrakech, Morocco. The daylight is fading and there is a pleasantly cool desert breeze wafting the sounds and smells of the medina through the window. It’s the end of a day full of adventure and exploring and a perfect time to kick off your shoes, check to see how sunburnt your nose is, download your pictures and write down your thoughts from the day. One thing that I have noticed when I travel is that even with all our different cultures, religions, costumes, foods, clothing and ways, we humans are still very similar; we love our friends and family, we feel, we suffer, we laugh, we cry and we die, but above all we live, and that can and should be the thing that links us all.

I hope you are happy and healthy wherever you are and that you are doing your fair share of living.

Saludos, Besos y Abrazos


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