Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oviedo Spain - Noche de San Juan

Oviedo - This is the third summer that I've spent in Oviedo. It is beginning to feel very much like home. One of my favorite celebrations here is La Noche de San Juan. It has some wonderful Celtic roots and I find it very interesting with its bonfires, mythical creatures, changing of the seasons, nature worship, dancing and new beginnings. It also seems to be a great night for photography. Here are a few pictures I took that night. It is rare to get so many pictures I really like all in one night. I hope you enjoy.
La Gorda - Oviedo, Spain

Parque San Francisco - Oviedo, Spain

Statue in Parque San Francisco - Oviedo, Spain

Noche de San Juan in Oviedo Spain

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