Friday, January 2, 2009

Hoover Dam and Italian Gelato

The Hoover Dam is not far from Las Vegas. We decided to drive out there and check it out. The dam was completed in 1935 and has some great Art Deco details (like the statute to the right). The dam serves for many things. It supplies electricity and water for the surrounding area. It provides space for water activities. It is a tourist attraction and it is one of the major routes from Nevada to Arizona. The traffic was backed up at least 6 miles; there is only one lane each way going across the dam. They are currently building a bridge just south of the dam. It looks like it will be a very cool bridge. They have both ends finished and have started the huge arch! It is fun to see them working on it. I'm sure it will have a great view of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Colorado River.

The Hoover Dam

On the way back to Las Vegas the idea of a treat came into mind... GELATO! And what better place to get Gelato then Venice? In our case, being in the middle of the desert and not in Italy, we had to settle with going to the Venetian on the Strip. The price was a little high, but the selection was very good. It was so hard to choose that I ended up with three flavors. The first was a kind I had never tried, Pumpkin. It was really good and summoned memories of Thanksgiving. The other two are two of my favorite and great together, Hazel Nut and Pistachio. After being in Italy I fell in love with those two favors, but I that combination doesn't always make me think of Italy. More often it makes me think of Barcelona and a pleasant warm evening walking through the park while eating some of the best gelato ever! :)

The Venetian - Las Vegas, Nevada

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erohde said...

Hey I just remembered I bookmarked your blog so I though I would check it out and saw that you have been to Port Angeles. If you don't remember why I am excited about that is that I grew up out there in Forks next town past PA on 101. My mom works in PA, why'd you sister move out there? Is this the sister that works for the Park Service? By the way, hi!