Thursday, June 7, 2007

El Naranco

The other day a group of students and I climbed up the small montain North of Oviedo. On a clear day from the top you can see the ocean to the North and the mountains to the South. On the way down we visited two pre-romanesque buildings. The first, San Miguel de Lillo, was built by King Ramiro I in 848. The second known as Santa Maria del Naranco (Picture to the right) was also built during the time of Ramiro I as a summer/country residence.

San Miguel de Lillo

U of U student on top of Monte Naranco - Oviedo, Spain 2007

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Christy said...

Your photos are great! Are they all yours or are some of them scanned postcards? I was especially taken by the one of the Salamanca classroom. The light was gorgeous!

Love your most envious sister,